The Armchair Art Fair



February 7, 2022




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From Felicity and John Rae-Smith, Organisers of The Armchair Art Fair catalogues / 020 3663 8594 We are pleased to announce that the third issue of The Armchair Art Fair will be sent out to all the client lists of participating art dealers over the next couple of weeks. The catalogue – a free, high quality, 156 page magazine – which was conceived in 2020 during lockdown, has proved resoundingly successful. The first two magazines resulted in total sales of approaching some £500,000 for 15 happy dealers. Whilst the magazine is also available online a week after publication, it has been the print catalogue that has been the most popular and demonstrated a surprisingly long shelf life, with sales carrying on over two or three months. Indeed, one sale came from someone picking up the magazine at a doctor’s surgery waiting room and a couple of others from catalogues left outside a dealer’s gallery in Duke Street, St. James’s! It is also reaching many customers that don’t live in reach of the major art fairs or latterly, too uncomfortable to go to crowded events. However, The Armchair Art Fair is also proving helpful in promoting upcoming fairs, particularly to those exhibiting in both the catalogue and the fairs. So it’s turned out to be an initiative that works in tandem rather than competition with events. The new catalogue contains a huge variety of some 530 artworks for sale from the following art dealers: Karen Taylor Fine Art, John Robertson Fine Paintings, Freya Mitton, 20th Century British Art, Kaye Michie Fine Art, The Canon Gallery, John Iddon Fine Art, Sarah Colegrave Fine Art, Oriel Fine Art, The Hunt Gallery, Newman Fine Art, Neil Jennings Fine Art, The Rae-Smith Gallery, John Noott Galleries, Thomas Spencer Fine Art, Manning Fine Art. We hope to have another Armchair Art Fair published in the summer. We may also consider putting together another catalogue of high quality antiques if there is sufficient interest from a variety of established dealers (with excellent mailing lists) – if this appeals to any of you, do get in touch with us!!