The 5th Armchair Art Fair


September 14, 2023


October 14, 2023




Once again, here is another incredible array of artworks on sale from dealers with years of expertise and knowledge of their chosen genres. The extraordinary diversity of art on offer spans such styles, periods, and specialist subject. As French Naif paintings, 18th/19th century watercolours, art deco, modern British, Oxford and cambridge, sporting, maritime and wildlife...the list goes on. Why, you may ask, is it such a good idea to purchase art from such a dealer? Our participants have many years of experience and have built up a profound knowledge of their particular areas of specialism, their works of art and artists. As Derek Newman has commented, "Those of our exhibiting our stock here have cultivated relationships over time across the art world, our customer, collectors and other dealers providing access to all sorts of private sources of artworks, many of which haven't been on the open market before" Also important, where applicable our professional relationships with major artists, as an example, for many years, John Iddon was great friends with Mary Fedden, and has a vast amount of knowledge about her and her work and the inspiration behind them. Luckily for us as well as their expertise, most dealers have the Instincts of a keen collector, and get a. huge amount of pleasure from the act of buying and selling. As Julian Hartnoll says " once bought it is my picture and always be even if it is now hanging in the Tate (five at the last count)" Of course they have to resist temptation to purchase pictures or works of Art for themselves, sometimes frustratingly. Julian added "If I had kept one great picture - Lempicka's auto portrait or indeed any of the great Burne Jones's that I have owned, I would be a rich man now. I would be enjoying the Armchair Art Fair as a reader not a dealer!" C'est La vie. We do hope you're tempted by all of the fine treasures in this years Armchair Art Fair.