Sean Jefferson

Sean Jefferson lives and works in Farningham in Kent, in the Darenth Valley which has been home and inspiration to many important English Pastoral Artists notably Graham Sutherland and Samuel Palmer.
Jefferson is largely self taught but recieved a rigorous training in observational drawing of animals and plants at Imperial College as part of his degree in Microbiology.
The Artists work is loaded with references from literature, legend, fairies and folklore. He describes himself as a Contemporary Symbolist, and has links with Ruralist group, exhibiting with them during the 2000’s
Jefferson explains how he sets out to ‘ unveil a separate, more true vision, where conventional notions of time, space and causality break down and strange forces and interconnections persist in, and run between, specific locations.
This vision is populated by totemic animals and vegetation and nature spirits, it being at one with the ancient shamanistic world view’

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